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  • About Red Stick Notaries
    About Red Stick Notaries, L.L.C.
             Red Stick Notaries, L.L.C. is a new firm bringing quality notarial services to residents and businesses in the Baton Rouge area.  We are conveniently located at 4262 Perkins Road, near the intersection of College Drive and Perkins Road in Baton Rouge.
             Every notary on our team either is commissioned and authorized to perform notarial services in East Baton Rouge Parish and in the parishes surrounding East Baton Rouge.
             For the convenience of our clients, Red Stick Notaries will offer extended office hours, set as follows:
         · Monday thru Friday     9:00 am to 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
         · Saturday     9:00 am to 5:00 pm
         · Sunday     1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

              Member Notaries cover the office during these hours, and are available for appointments after hours.  Red Stick Notaries are mobile notaries, able and willing to travel to client offices.
             The following is a partial list of the matters regarding which each Red Stick Notary is prepared to generate a document, perform a service, attest the appropriate notarial act, and/or enter a document in the public record:
         · Vehicle transfers: 
             Bill of sale, act of donation, affidavit of heirship, title transfer, odometer disclosure statement and registration.
         · Business entities:
             Formation and registration of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, together with appropriate assumed name certificates, trade names, articles, operating agreements, by-laws, and certificates.
          · Real estate:
             Cash sale, donation, bond for deed, mortgage, promissory note, partition, servitude (easement), legal description, laborer's lien, materialman's lien.
          · Family and personal matters:
             Paternity, matrimonial agreement, emancipation, adult adoption, custody, covenant marriage, conditional procuration (conditional power of attorney), declaration of disability, living will,  last will and testament, testamentary trust, living irrevocable trust,  affidavit, small succession, mandate (power of attorney), public inventory of succession property (procès verbal), inventory of abandoned safety deposit box contents.
  • Why do Notaries Want to Join the Red Stick Team?
    Why do Notaries Want to Join the Red Stick Team?
         · FOR THE MONEY!
             Full time independent professional notaries find it difficult and expensive to maintain their own office, and those who choose to work only as mobile notaries experience intermittent demand for their skills.  The market rate of pay for notaries working as employees of established firms is very modest.  Combining resources with several notaries, Red Stick Notaries may anticipate earning at a rate commensurate with their professional skills – considerably more than they might expect either as single practitioners or employees of other notaries.
         · FOR THE PRIDE!
             Red Stick Notaries, L.L.C. will consist of a team of professional notaries who will collectively set a new standard of excellence in notarial practice in the Baton Rouge area.  As the reputation of the firm spreads, each Red Stick Notary will be able to hold his or her head up proudly as an Associate Member Notary of Red Stick Notaries, L.L.C.
             Red Stick will provide each Associate Member Notary with an office, desk, telephone, computer, copier, reference library, and a fully integrated information system to track clients, billings, collections, earnings, and notarial acts. 
         · FOR THE CLIENTS!
             The sign advertising our location on Perkins Road is hard to miss.  At least 50,000 passing motorists will see our sign each day, inviting them to stop in for a cup of coffee and conversation.  The turn-in to our location is a double wide driveway, easily accessible from either direction.  We will be engaging clients whom independent notaries, as sole practitioners, may find very difficult to reach.
         · FOR THE SUPPORT!
             Creag Banta has served as CIO (Chief Information Officer) for several multinational firms.  As Information Systems Member, he will install and maintain systems, records and controls critical to each Associate Member's performance as a Red Stick Notary.    
          · TO BE AN OWNER!
             Each Associate Member Notary will have the opportunity to make a modest investment in Red Stick Notaries, L.L.C., and enjoy having an ownership interest in the firm.    As co-owners sharing in the firm's profits, Red Stick Notaries will work as a team to provide clients with the best possible quality of service.  

(225) 663-6639